We’ve worked hard to make it easy for our customers to run N|Solid in their desired environment, whatever that environment may be. As part of that goal, we officially launched N|Solid on the AWS Marketplace at AWS re:Invent to allow you to deploy N|Solid with just one click. This makes it simple to use N|Solid in your existing AWS infrastructure.

In this webinar, Nathan White (Senior Solutions Architect, NodeSource) will go through the process of getting up and running on AWS with N|Solid, deploying directly from the AWS Marketplace. In a short time, you’ll know how to get up and running with N|Solid for enterprise-grade security and monitoring of your Node.js applications in production.

  • Get familiar with the the N|Solid Architecture
  • Setting up N|Solid using the AMIs available on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Available options when launching N|Solid instances on AWS
  • Running your application and connecting N|Solid
  • Securing the N|Solid Console for production use

Nathan White is a Senior Solutions Architect at NodeSource. He started his career during the 90s tech bubble working in the financial and military sectors. Looking for a change of pace, he rode a single speed mountain bike across the country only to find himself enthralled with startup life. He discovered his passion for Node.js while working at Learnboost where he co-created mongoosejs. He spends his free time teaching within the community and escaping into the Rocky Mountains.

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