Enterprise organizations are quickly adopting Node.js because of the increased productivity and the power it provides. Yet the hidden complexities when introducing Node.js to your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are real. While Node.js introduces unique challenges, many of the best practices that exist for other platforms hold true for Node.js. We will examine how to avoid common mistakes and leverage best practices so you can deploy Node.js to production with confidence.

Nathan White is a Senior Solutions Architect at NodeSource. He started his career during the 90s tech bubble working in the financial and military sectors. Looking for a change of pace, he road a single speed mountain bike across the country only to find himself enthralled with startup life. He discovered his passion for Node.js while working at Learnboost where he co-created mongoosejs. He spends his free time teaching within the community and escaping into the Rocky Mountains.

  • Examine the hidden complexities of micro services
  • Look at how to generate reproducible deployable artifacts
  • Working with existing infrastructures and technologies
  • Debugging Node.js applications in production

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