Vulnerabilities in your code can cause downtime, loss of revenue, and loss of sleep. In this webinar we will be exploring real-world examples of how you can avoid vulnerabilities by blacklisting modules. Join Thorsten Lorenz as he uses sample apps to demonstrate how to protect yourself.

Thorsten is a Jazz musician turned developer. Initially he helped build front office trader applications for various investment banks. Then the Node.js bug bit. The fast turnaround from idea to working modules proved to be addictive and led to the creation of lots of modules which ended up on github and/or npm. Thorsten is convinced of the strong points of modular development enabled by Node.js and npm. He helped bring this approach to the browser by contributing to browserify and by creating related tools.

  • Why blacklisting modules can help protect developers & avoid code vulnerabilities
  • Best practices collecting information on which modules are in use & considered a security risk
  • Severity levels & how to handle policy violations both globally and locally

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