The vast majority of enterprise companies that are adopting Node.js are doing so to facilitate and drive innovation. The pace of technology change has continued to accelerate over the past decade and the number of platforms where consumers expect to be able to engage with products is expanding. Moreover, end users expect all of these platforms to have a coherent user interface, user experience and data availability. The source of truth in most cases does not change. How that data is accessed and presented to users does… and often. Leveraging Node.js and enterprise platforms like N|Solid enables enterprises to manage change with confidence and match the accelerated pace that users expect.

Dan Shaw (@dshaw) will be joined by guest Michael Facemire (@ASocialFace) of Forrester to explore what the patterns are for change. Michael is the author of the 4-tier Architecture that has helped guide a generation of architectures. Dan has helped guide the successful, large-scale deployments of Node.js at PayPal, Netflix and Intuit to a deep understanding of the Node.js platform and how to best make use of this transformative technology. As day breaks on the Dawn of Enterprise JavaScript adoption of Node.js is skyrocketing. They’ll share best practices to adopt and common pitfalls to avoid to best facilitate innovation at scale.

  • Patterns for Enterprise Innovation
  • Common pitfalls when re-architecting and how to avoid them
  • Rapid feedback at scale for Node.js deployments with N|Solid

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